Jedidiah Farquharson, Julie Chou, Jonny Daines, Gabrielle Whitworth-Smith, Henrik Hagemann, Arinbjörn Kolbeinsson, Blaise Rivet, Emilie Dobler, Gabrielle Whitworth-Smith, Justas Medeisis, Kian oon Lim, Luka Gligic, Maria Francisca Silva, Matin Mohseni, Ruth Reynolds, Wern Yi Tan

Many Paralympic cyclists in the C5 category suffer from an inability to perform a powerful standing start at the beginning of the race. This is in large part due to the difficulty of transferring a prosthetic attachment between two locations on the handlebars – the transition to an aerodynamic stance is distracting and disturbs balance. This project is an ongoing development to a design a handlebar attachment that provides an easy and straightforward way for the cyclist to transition between standing and aerodynamic positions. The system is being developed for Team GB’s Jon-Allan Butterworth and is believed to have the potential to improve an athlete’s result time by up to 1 second.