Jacqueline Beddoe-Rosendo, Bianca De Blasi, Simone Castagno, Will Cathery, Chan Sze Chun, Zahra Esbati, Katie Yingyi He, Joseph Henderson, Zue Yi Leong, Tom Robins, Malindie Sugathapala, Zhao Yihe

Wheelchair basketball is a popular sport that featured in the Paralympics. Due to the aggressive nature of the sport, falls are common. However, falls can disrupt a match as often players are unable to right themselves without assistance.

The ROS device can be used by all players regardless of disability to right themselves independently allowing the match to proceed more smoothly.

The device is a lightweight mechanical structure that is installed with a simple modification to a multi-sport wheelchair. Special care was taken to ensure that the modifications comply with IPC regulations and the practicalities of play so that professionals and amateurs can use the project alike.

Over the course of the summer the prototype has been further developed and the concept is currently being offered to interested manufacturers for implementation.