Thomas Essl, Yuki Machida, Julia Johnson, Damian Rocca

Murr-Ma was designed not only for running along the beach and swimming in the ocean, but also for an easy and fast transition between the two.

Once in the water, the fins located at the top of the prosthesis channel the water flow alongside the carbon fibre backbone and out at the back, providing the wearer with the necessary thrust to move through the surf.

The split toe-toe foot guarantees maximum stability on uneven grounds as well as minimum water resistance, while the multi-layer carbon fibre spine provides stability when walking but allows for flexibility in the water.

The prosthetic has a unibody design, deliberately waiving of mechanical components, resulting in a durable and reliable appliance. On land the lightweight construction allows for easy walking and running with the split toe assisting balance on uneven surfaces and the curved ankle providing ideal energy flex. The studs provide a larger surface area for increased grip on soft sand. Although designed for high performance water sports and beach activities, it is also suitable for daily use away from the beach.