Aibek Akbotayev, Nasser Al Bin Ali, Julius Heyne, Paul de Panisse, Edouard Korn Seang Song

The increasing value of city space, along with increasing urbanization, has made practicing sports that require infrastructure or space inconvenient. This project seeks to mitigate theĀ repercussionsĀ of urbanization by creating portable equipment that uses abundant metropolitan infrastructure. The product is a fully portable, self-encompassing basketball system which is capable of attaching to a myriad of built in infrastructure: lamp posts, sign posts, and rain pipes. Under ideal conditions, full set-up time is two minutes with ergonomic and natural set-up positions. The platform takes into account practitioners with disabilities as it is possible to erect the system effortlessly. Despite focusing only on basketball, the project is a catalyst for a novel perception on sports; as it converts conventional sport into recreational metropolitan sports, like parkour and skateboarding.