Zain Abdi, Umar Ahmed Hussain, Dana Al Sulaiman, Ella Bentin, Florian Bruggemann, Carol Ann Cheah, Javier Echavarri-Fernandez, Marcus Leung, Despoina Paschou, Timothy Smith, Alec Stevens, Nicos Theodorou, Chen Xie

For wheelchair racing athletes to achieve optimum performance, they have to adopt a specific racing position. Our task was to design a posture monitoring system for wheelchair athletes. We focused our attention on making a device to be used in training to help improve posture, power output, and speed. We believe that the crux of the issue lies within the body position itself; if we manage to accurately record this, athletes will be able to adjust their training and improve their racing.

This project applies orientation sensing to obtain body position intrinsically, so the user could obtain this information solo, without cameras or a special environment. Anatomical analysis of the torso confirmed that a single sensor would be sufficient in defining a posture and calculating the angle between it and the ground. The method for feedback and the components required were extensively researched and discussed. To balance intuitive design and detailed information display, the team created a lightweight Android based wireless BOSS (Body Orientation Sensor System).